...because leaders don't have to apply, they have to be hunted.

The one and only job platform for senior professionals.

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Salient Features

For Senior Professionals Only

LeaderHunt is only for senior professionals, that is, professionals with a total experience of at least 10 years.

Add Multiple Industry Experiences

LeaderHunt unlike any other platform, allows a candidate to add multiple industry experiences in his profile.

Say no to Job postings

We believe leaders don't have to apply, they have to be hunted, so no more applying to jobs, let recruiters come to you.

Get what you are looking for

There's no more mess of job portals, you get what you are looking for, 'The Right Job', 'The Right Candidate'.

Still Confused ? Checkout How It Works for more information.

Shortcomings of current recruitment processes

Do all the jobs posted on various job portals actually exist ?

Job Portals today are so full of data, that it becomes a matter of luck that the employers actually reach you.

You have to enter all of your personal information, is it actually required ?